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Alchemy Of England – Steamhead Ring In Pewter/Copper
Alchemy Of England – Dee’s Book of Angel Magic Ring In Pewter/Gold
Alchemy Of England – Starchaser Ring In Pewter
Alchemy Of England – Paladin’s Tithe Box
Alchemy Of England – Serpents Eye Necklace In Pewter/Red Enamel
Alchemy of England – Pentagram Necklace In Silver
Alchemy of England – Stella Igneus Necklace In Silver/Bronze
Alchemy of England – Pentagration Ring In Antique Silver
Alchemy of England – Ankh Of Tau Necklace In Silver/Gold
Alchemy of England – Gothic Matrimony  Necklace In Antique Silver
Alchemy of England – Bestia Regalis Earrings In Antique Silver
Alchemy of England – Impalare Cross (Single) In Silver/Black Enamelled
Alchemy Gothic – Dibnah’s Venesective Blast Pipe Ring In Silver/Red
Alchemy Gothic – In Memoriam Ring In Silver/Black Enamel
Alchemy Gothic – Absinthe Fairy In Silver/Green